Let’s dive right in and see what the predictions for 2018 look like according to the Head Honchos of all things interior, these trends, much like fashion, trickle down from the designers’ desks into our homes and velvet has leapt from the catwalk into our sitting rooms. Think deep rich shades and jewel tones – with this depth of decadent colour and opulent texture you will add just the right amount of glamour to any space large or small. Pantone just named Ultra Violet its colour of the year but if you don’t want to go all out and are doubtful about so much drama then accessorize with cushions and throws or a small velvet stool.

Pinterest seems to think there is a new neutral in town and according to the Pinterest 100 list, of predicted trends that will be huge in 2018, sage is about to have a serious moment and it’s easy to see why. This greyish green hue is a soft, muted colour that’s easy to decorate with, but doesn’t veer into boring or predictable territory; hence why it’s being dubbed a new neutral.

Black is tipped to be one of the year’s statement shades, think little black dress timeless and classic. With so many tones, from inky to indigo-infused black, all will work wonderfully in a monochrome scheme or paired with the new metallic accents. So will you go for all-out drama or, equally, black can also be wonderfully restful with rich, matt shades creating a sense of serenity

Spa bathrooms lets go! There is no reason why we can’t all enjoy a touch of the spa experience. For total peace and relaxation in our own homes, and when we are all busier than ever in our lives, we need the escapism of a spa bathroom with deep sunken tubs, soft textures, muted colours, low lighting, lashings of candles and soft white towels. New for this year – lots of calming bamboo and pebble tiles; which not only look attractive but also have a texture that can massage bare feet….a win win in my book!

Gold, brass, silver, bronze and rose gold have been popular for a while, and they’re not going anywhere soon, however, there will be a new palette of metallics with a focus on more industrial shades of metal as the prominent choice, From brass to nickel less high shine materials will add a more organic element to your space. Bronze, in particular, is set to be a big trend, used carefully.

Plants – the more vibrant and patterned the better! Not only do they add life to your home, but they are increasingly being seen as design elements themselves. Go beyond green with variegated and striped leaves that will add even more movement and life to your space. If, like me you, are not good with houseplants then take a look at some of the fabulous botanical wallpapers and prints to bring this trend into your home.

Gallery walls were the talk of 2017  even a small picture gallery of your personal photographs, this year is much easier and less damaging to your walls! The focus is on just one eye-catching piece of oversize art which looks really chic as you see in our pictures above.  Whether you prop a large piece of art against the wall creating a focal point to your room, a framed print or painting on top of a chest of drawers you can never underestimate the statement a beautiful piece of art can bring.

We have decided to go all Wabi-sabi on you….this is the new trend to replace the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ –  that feeling of being extra cosy and content so let me introduce you to the new kid on the block. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese commitment to the imperfect, the well-worn and the every day, and is in opposition to consumerism, celebrating the distinctive differences some objects hold; rather than being the exact same as all the others on the assembly line. This upcoming trend of 2018 is all about embracing imperfections and celebrating the flaws. We won’t be throwing out that worn rug any time soon.

Our final trend is in direct comparison to the stark minimalist  white spaces of previous years. Let me introduce you to maximalism….no more shades of white and grey but a vibrant mix of colour  and pattern, large and vivid wallpaper prints, warm inviting spaces with a mass of colourful cushions and layering of luxurious rugs.  Whether your decorating style is bohemian, Victorian, or rustic, there are so many ways to go big in your home – the images show our favourite spaces that bravely embrace the beautiful, cosy chaos that is maximalism.