The spectrum of Pink has been the colour of the summer and I think it’s still here to stay. Ranging from soft blushes, bold bubblegums and millennial pink whatever your choice, incorporating this gorgeous colour into your home will add a pop of vibrancy and keep you on trend with the hottest hue of the season.  If you are not the biggest fan of pink don’t worry there are simple ways to bring this vibrant colour into your home. Although the different shades of grey in this breakfast room give the space a sophisticated atmosphere, you can see how the dusky pink curtains are working against the muted sophisticated palette adding a pop of colour, lifting the space and adding life.

While pink continues to be celebrated for its warmth, the hotter end of the pink scale continues to be a strong presence. In this bathroom, the vibrant pink wallpaper is definitely the hero of the moment and brings together two current design trends by adding both colour and texture. When styling a room the secret is not to overdo it! This bathroom is the perfect combination, you can see how the bold wallpaper juxtaposed with edgier and urbaner finishes stop this look becoming too feminine. The finished result is impactful yet simple, allowing the colourful piece to become the focal point of the room and providing a great backdrop for the crisp white tub and sink to create a classic combination.

Even when pink isn’t the central attraction it still seems somehow to be stealing the show. Rather than being covered from head to toe in this beautiful room the sofa and cushions add a just the right splash of our pink friend. I like how sofa and cushions drawing in the continuation of colour from the curtains. With a statement chair, a piece of art or a rug a splash of pink is the perfect way to bring a space alive. The bright pink on this velvet sofa changes a typically traditional piece into a contemporary statement and adds interest without closing in or overwhelming the room.

In this room, we see a very grown-up pink more Mariln Monroe than Barbie doll. The pink chair in this space is a perfect example of using pink as a colourful neutral to introduce a feeling of calm and grace, they keep this space from feeling too formal. Pale pinks can do more than create an eye-catching feature. They are just as fetching when they’re allowed to take over the whole room. Pale pinks might be my favourite! I love the interplay of texture and colour between the headboard, wallpaper and throws. These pinks work harder, more than creating a main feature, they have a subtle layering effect, which carefully woven together creates an enchanting yet calming mood, in this soft blush tone which takes over the whole room.