We’re all for bringing the outside in, but how about taking the inside out or just blurring the boundaries between them both? Did you know figures just released by Houzz suggest that one in seven of us have a usable outdoor area that is larger than that inside of our home!! There is a definite trend for people wanting to make their outdoor space as inviting as their interior. Designers and architects are often given this as a priority in most briefs and you will recognise this with the influx of huge bi-folding glass doors that open up an existing solid wall directly onto the garden. Maybe you only have a small garden or outdoor space, but with a little effort let us show you how to make it more comfortable so you can fully enjoy the benefits.

It’s a good idea to look at your living room spaces and emulate aspects such as coffee tables and armchairs. Think about cushions, blankets and other touches that will make it feel like a genuine room.  Follow this through with Pops of colour – blue and white is a favourite at this time of year and there’s plenty of it around this season. If this classical feel is not your thing and you want to be a little braver you could liven things up with the tropical trend which is still going strong, with bright colours and leafy prints that will brighten up even the most shadiest of spots.

Good garden lighting is an excellent way of extending the view beyond your interior and prevents windows becoming ‘black mirrors’ at night. Less is more – it’s surprising how little light you need, particularly if you highlight your favourite tree or water feature. What you don’t light is as important as what you do; it’s about contrast and balance. Simple spike-mounted uplighters are a cheap and easy way to light up your borders and pathways. Consider backlighting too. Think about playing with warm and cool tones, depending on the colour scheme of your planting, it’s a good way of making interesting lighting effects and bringing your space to life at night.

Decking is one of the simpler options to continue a flow from inside out. Once both floors are level, they connect both the spaces seamlessly with the lack of any obvious obstruction there is nothing for children to trip over or for wheelchairs to overcome. For continuity, decking should run in the same direction as internal floorboards, but don’t worry about matching materials: they weather differently, and any timber outside will always turn grey.

‘Framing’ a view works particularly well in contemporary, minimalist interiors, where vibrant views serve to inject a burst of colour and texture. When the exterior is framed from the inside, the views are the only artwork you’ll need on your walls. Whatever outdoor space you have, whether big or small, we hope you take some inspiration from our blog to create your own inside out.